Al Nawi Group of Companies are based in Abu Dhabi, the dynamic and fast growing capital of the United Arab Emirates, with office in Dubai and business activities and interests all around the Gulf and Middle East region. We are a modern and fast growing company offering diverse products, services, cutting edge technology and innovative solutions delivered by professional and committed employees in construction equipment and materials, manufacturing, foodstuff and ICT. We are committed to deal with our customers, suppliers, partners with utmost respect, customer care and professionalism.

The Al Nawi Group of Companies is a well reputed enterprise, which has carved a niche for itself by bringing in a number of world leading products into the UAE market to meet its volatile demands.

Al Nawi Group has one purpose in mind; a purpose to be the market leader in its chosen fields. And to achieve this purpose, we constantly invest in human resources and technology in order to keep pace with the progress that is ushering us into the future; a future of infinite possibilities